Samantha first started working in the real estate industry at 18; and with over 10 years under her belt contributing to various property investment forums, Samantha has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge in property investment and management.

Samantha started Qura Property from scratch at the end of 2013 after working for a number of companies and finding one very peculiar trait they all had in common – they were all the same! Regardless of the size of the company, many didn’t invest time into their Property Management arm which meant the people looking after clients biggest investments were untrained and overworked. Samantha believes in prompt communication, offering solutions and not problems, plus always goes out of her way to ensure she is providing the best service possible.

Always an entertaining speaker, Samantha has presented seminars on how to increase your rents and how to increase your odds of winning at VCAT, as well as featuring in articles for the Property Observer & RPM Online.

With a passion for property management and extensive knowledge of the Melbourne property market, Samantha is the clear choice when selecting a manager to look after your investment property.